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01 April 2020



Communication while working remotely? Will I spend all the time on the phone? How will I clarify doubts? How am I going to hold meetings?

Given this new reality, we suggest 8 tips for EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION:

1 - Adapt to the tools available for remote working

First of all, you have to to surrender to the most common (remote) work tools: use Zoom for video calls, SLACK for chats, and Trello for project management - all these tools are fre

2 - Do not expect immediate answers

Do not expect answers immediately when you send a message. Even if it seems that they are active in SLACK, your colleague may be busy with other things at that moment. Trust them to respond when they are ready.

When you work in the office, it is easy to see when someone is available, or if they are in a meeting room.

In remote working, you usually have no idea what your colleagues are doing, even if they are working hard on a task.

3 - Use several emojis in SLACK without prejudice

When people cannot see you physically, it is sometimes difficult to show the tone of the message you sent. Send emojis freely so people can better understand what you want to convey.

Also use the GIPHY extension to break the ice in communications.

4 - Use status updates in SLACK

Use the status updates and emojis in SLACK to update your colleagues about what you are doing.

If you're in a meeting, or having lunch, set your status to let people know what you're doing, and whether it's available or away from the keyboard.

5 - Let people know if you feel isolated

Take advantage of your company's tools to better communicate your work (Trello, Zoom, Drive, SLACK, etc.). If you feel alone or isolated, let someone know!

6 - Do not trust Bluetooth headphones for video calls

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to attend a meeting and not being able to hear the audio. Or listening to the audio and people not being able to hear it - this can happen with bluetooth headphones, where the battery can run out in the middle of the call or you might end having a pairing issue.

Use “traditional” headphones to avoid problems with calls

7 - Turn on your camera during video calls

Allow people to see you on video calls. Seeing other people's faces creates empathy and confidence, encourages (some) body language expression, and avoids feelings of isolation.

8 - Promote an all-hands meeting once a week via Zoom

Hold a meeting with all company employees once a week.

Everyone is out of their habitat, and it is a good time to update the company on the news of the week and the success stories.

Take advantage of this meeting to break the ice of teleworking, and to be in touch with all your colleagues. You will see that in the end everyone will be more motivated!

Dr Dermoteca

Vasco Castanheira, Head of Business Development at Dermoteca

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