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All about Daily Intimate Hygiene
Intimate Care

01 June 2020

All about Daily Intimate Hygiene

All about Daily Intimate Hygiene

The woman's intimate zone has natural physiological characteristics and defense mechanisms, among which we can highlight: pH and saprophytic flora or Eco-flora. The pH is an index that indicates whether a medium is acidic or alkaline.

The pH of the genital area in women of childbearing age is acidic. The saprophytic flora or Eco-flora is the set of beneficial microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) that exist in the intimate area, which must be in balance and that associated with acidic pH, allow the defense of this area against external contamination.

Any change in pH can lead to the excessive proliferation of some of these microorganisms and lead to infections and inflammations, so it is essential to maintain the physiological balance of the intimate area, preserving the balance of Eco-flora and maintaining pH values ​​at physiological levels.

The pH of the intimate area differ according to the woman's age:
In the girl, from the first months of life until the first menstruation the pH is alkaline. From puberty, due to the start of estrogen production, the pH of the intimate zone becomes acidic.

The intimate hygiene product to be used must always have a pH compatible with the stage of life of the woman using it:
The ideal product for intimate hygiene of women of childbearing age must respect the acid pH and the saprophytic flora or Eco-flora in their intimate area, and must also have the ability to restore these factors, if they are altered.

D’AVEIA has developed a product specifically formulated for everyday intimate hygiene, meeting all the needs of women of childbearing age: D’AVEIA Gynecologic.
D'AVEIA Gynecologic is a fluid emulsion, with acidic pH and mild cleaning agents for gentle and delicate hygiene of the intimate area. Contains the basic ingredients of the D’AVEIA line: colloidal oats, which washes through a physical mechanism that removes dirt without altering the skin's natural protection, and also has a moisturizing and emollient action. It also contains rice, with moisturizing, emollient, protective and antioxidant properties.

Dermatological tests prove that it does not alter the physiological pH of the intimate area and that it is very well tolerated at the level of the external genital area.

It is indicated for daily intimate hygiene of women of childbearing age, even during pregnancy, avoiding external contamination.

Dr. Dermoteca

written by Dra. Patrícia Monteiro, Pharmacist and Category Manager of Ginecology at Dermoteca

reviewed by Dra. Cristina Varandas, Farmacêutica, CEO & Founder of Dermoteca

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