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4 essential products to treat acne

01 April 2020

4 essential products to treat acne

4 essential products to treat acne

The simplest form of Acne occurs in adolescence, reaching about 50% of young women after 14 years and 80% of young men after 16 years. It is more intense at about 17-20 years old and usually regresses spontaneously at 20-21 years old.
The most affected regions are, in particular, the forehead, nose, chin and upper half of the chest (back). The skin generally presents a “shiny” appearance (oiliness), with a variable number of spots and black spots.

It is therefore essential to select adequate hygiene and daily care products with sebum-regulating action, which reduce oiliness and the appearance of pimples and blackheads and simultaneously restore the skin's balance. The use of unsuitable products in the hygiene and daily care of this type of skin can aggravate and / or promote the appearance of acne.

Dr. Dermoteca recommends 3 D'AVEIA products, indicated for cosmetic treatment, in a situation of juvenile acne:

1. In the daily hygiene of Oily / Acneic Skin: D'AVEIA PTA Cleansing Emulsion, with anti-seborrheic and soothing action.

2. In the daily care of oily skin, with moderate and comedogenic acne (with spots and blackheads): D'AVEIA Gel-Creme PTA, due to its sebum-regulating, slightly exfoliating and anti-irritant (anti-oxidants) action. It has a matt effect, that is, it absorbs oiliness on the skin surface, avoiding the shiny aspect. It also has substances that prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that lead to the appearance of inflation.

3. In daily antiseptic hygiene, in situations of inflammatory acne (inflammation or pus): D'AVEIA SEPT, with antiseptic and anti-irritant action. It should be alternated with D'AVEIA PTA Cleaning Emulsion.

Dr Dermoteca

written by Dr. Ricardo Almeida, Pharmacist and Category Manager of Dermatology, Dermoteca

reviewed by Dra. Cristina Varandas, Pharmacist, CEO & Founder of Dermoteca

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