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Pruritus in Pregnancy? Learn how to alleviate this problem.
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29 July 2020

Pruritus in Pregnancy? Learn how to alleviate this problem.

Pruritus in Pregnancy? Learn how to alleviate this problem.

About 40% of pregnant women suffer from itching during pregnancy, it is a common symptom and it causes a lot of discomfort.

It is due to certain hormonal changes that occur at this stage of life and that have consequences for the skin. It is therefore very important to prevent its appearance or alleviate it when it already exists.
Find out here why itching appears during pregnancy and what to avoid in order to reduce this symptom, as well as which products are ideal for relieving itching during pregnancy.

What is pruritus in pregnancy?
Pruritus (itching) is a common symptom in pregnancy, especially in the belly area, around stretch marks (when they are forming), around the navel, chest and legs.

Why does pruritus occur during pregnancy?
During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes several changes - immunological, metabolic, hormonal and vascular.
These changes have an influence on the skin, leading to an itchy feeling. On the other hand, in women who already have had some dermatological changes before pregnancy, such as atopic dermatitis, xerosis (extreme dryness of the skin) and contact dermatitis, these changes may intensify, thus increasing the itching.

What should I avoid to relieve pruritus during pregnancy?
When there are symptoms of pruritus (itching) in pregnancy, the use of:

· Products with aggressive chemical detergents in daily hygiene
· Soaps with alkaline pH;
· Very hot baths;
· Dry and irritating skin environments (synthetic or woolen clothing)

Considering these substances increase skin dryness, irritation and dehydration, leading to increased itching.

What types of products relieve pruritus during pregnancy?
To relieve itching or itching in pregnancy, it is recommended to use:

Daily hygiene products with emollient and moisturizing action (ex: rich in Essential Fatty Acids and colloidal oats);
Hygiene products with little detergent and not alkaline;
Products for daily hydration with emollient, anti-itching and anti-irritant action (with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and colloidal oats)

What are the best products to relieve pruritus during pregnancy in the D’AVEIA line?

In pregnancy, the products of choice for daily Hygiene and Body Hydration, to prevent and relieve the sensation of itching are:

D’AVEIA Pediatric Dermo-Oil, for Everyday Hygiene
D’AVEIA Body Moisturizer, for Everyday Hydration

D’AVEIA P.S. Cleansing Emulsion, Allows gentle and delicate hygiene, is rich in Colloidal Oats, with emollient, moisturizing, protective and anti-irritant properties, which soothe the itching. It also has the ability to clean by a physical mechanism, which allows removing dirt without changing the natural protection of the skin. The association with Corn and Wheat Proteins, allows to optimize and complement the properties of colloidal oats, reinforcing its moisturizing and protective action.
It is dermatologically tested.
It can be used in daily hygiene, as a common shower gel or, It promotes an emollient and calming hygiene, with an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being.

Emulsão de limpeza constituída por Aveia Coloidal, com reconhecidas propriedades hidratantes, emolientes, protetoras, suavizantes e antioxidantes. A associação de Aveia Coloidal com o Milho e Trigo permite otimizar e reforçar estas propriedades, reforçando a sua ação hidratante e protetora.
Limpa a pele através de um mecanismo de limpeza físico, não agressivo, permitindo uma higiene suave e delicada da pele sensível e fragilizada.
Mantém as defesas naturais da pele, restabelecendo igualmente o pH e o equilíbrio fisiológico cutâneo quando este se encontra alterado.
Dermatologicamente testado.

For daily anti-itchy body hydration, it is recommended to use:

D'AVEIA Body Moisturizer with a marked hydrating and emollient action due to the presence of Omegas 3 and 6, colloidal oats and corn, which reinforce the skin's natural defenses and also promote an important calming, indirect anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-pruritic, relieving irritation and itching.
Dermatological tests prove that D’AVEIA Body Moisturizer significantly increases skin hydration - + 71% hydration in just 30 min.

Hidratante corporal com propriedades hidratantes, emolientes, antioxidantes, calmantes e suavizantes. Reforça as defesas naturais da pele e tem uma ação regeneradora da pele seca, desidratada e atópica.

It is recommended to apply D'AVEIA Body Moisturizer daily on the skin of the body, through massage, after hygiene with D'AVEIA P.S. Dry Skin Cleansing Emulsion or whenever necessary, reinforcing in areas with greater itching.
D’AVEIA P.S.Clean Emulsion for Dry Skin and D’AVEIA Body Moisturizer are indicated and safe for use in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. For a complete cosmetic treatment to relieve itching during pregnancy, it is recommended to use both products in joint treatment.

Table of contents

What is pruritus in pregnancy?
What should I avoid to relieve pruritus during pregnancy?
What should be avoided to relieve pruritus during pregnancy?
What are the best D’AVEIA products to relieve pruritus during pregnancy?
What is pruritus in pregnancy?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is pruritus in pregnancy?
Pruritus is an intense itching sensation common in pregnancy, especially in the belly area, around stretch marks (when forming), around the navel, chest and legs.

What makes pruritus worse?
Pruritus worsens when using hygiene products with aggressive chemicals or soaps or soaps with alkaline pH, as well as very hot baths.

Why do pregnant women have pruritus?
Due to hormonal and metabolic changes that occur in pregnancy and that can cause dryness, irritation and itching

What should I use to relieve pruritus?
To relieve and prevent itching during pregnancy, you should use D'AVEIA PS Cleansing Emulsion for daily hygiene and D’AVEIA Body Moisturizer for daily body care.

Dr. Dermoteca

written by Dra. Patrícia Monteiro, Pharmacist and Category Manager of Gynecology, Dermoteca
reviewed by Dra. Cristina Varandas, Pharmacist, CEO & Founder of Dermoteca

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