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Children's Intimate Hygiene
Intimate Care

22 May 2020

Children's Intimate Hygiene

Children's Intimate Hygiene

Special care for children's intimate hygiene? Intimate Hygiene Everyday as Prevention of Vulvovaginitis!

Vulvovaginitis are the biggest cause of seeking pediatric gynecology consultation, accounting for about 70-80%.

It is characterized by an inflammation of the female genital tissues and occurs frequently in the girl, due to several factors:

  • Anatomically, the girl's intimate area is poorly developed, has thin skin, without pubic hair, the large and small lips are not yet fully developed, making the intimate area more unprotected, sensitive and easily inflamed by exposure irritating or pathogenic agents;
  • The girl's vulvovaginal zone has an alkaline or basic pH until her first menstruation. This fact, together with the hot temperature and the characteristic humidity of the vaginal cavity, become the ideal conditions for the development of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • There is a close proximity between the anal orifice and the vagina, and therefore fecal bacteria can be transmitted to the vulvovaginal area;
  • Hygiene is often deficient and / or the use of hygiene products is not the most appropriate;
  • Certain games with sand or dirt still facilitate the appearance of irritation, redness and bacterial contamination;
  • The use of tight clothing or synthetic material, which does not allow perspiration or secretions to evaporate, can macerate and cause inflammation;
  • In a situation of vulvovaginitis, the most frequently found signs and symptoms are the presence of burning, pain, pain when urinating, itching, bleeding, inflammation, redness and there may often be vaginal discharge.

Thus, it is very important to pay special attention to the girl's intimate hygiene and select a hygiene product that respects and restores the physiological balance and pH of the girl's vaginal mucous, alkaline or basic (above 7) - reinforcing the natural defenses against external contamination and that simultaneously exerts an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action, thus allowing simultaneously to relieve the present symptoms such as burning sensation, burning and itching.

D’AVEIA Pediatric Intimate Care is a product developed for the girl's daily intimate hygiene, responding to all needs. With the base ingredients of the D’AVEIA line, it promotes gentle and delicate hygiene, maintains the physiological balance of the mucous and reinforces natural defenses and provides a moisturizing and emollient action.
Due to the presence of soothing and anti-oxidant ingredients, it will also have an anti-irritating and soothing action, to relieve all symptoms of vulvovaginitis and prevent their appearance.

This product is buffered at alkaline pH, respecting the physiological pH of the girl's intimate area.

D’AVEIA Pediatric Intimate Care presents Dermatological Tests that prove:

  • The significant decrease in symptoms of redness, edema, the presence of secretions, odor, itching and a burning sensation in the girl's intimate area;
  • It is a product extremely well tolerated by the skin and vaginal mucous, having presented 0% of allergic reaction;

It is also indicated in the boy's daily intimate hygiene, in the prevention and relief of signs and symptoms associated with balanitis - inflammation of the glans.

Dr. Dermoteca

written by Dra. Maria Mariano, Pharmacist and Category Manager of Pediatric at Dermoteca

Reviewed by Dr. Cristina Varandas, Pharmacist, CEO & Founder of Dermoteca

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