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Changing the diaper: Essential Care - No diaper rash

22 May 2020

Changing the diaper: Essential Care - No diaper rash

Changing the diaper: Essential Care - No diaper rash

Essential care in changing the diaper for a healthy skin without rashes!

Changing the diaper is a cross-cutting theme for all babies, as they all need to change the diaper.

The diaper should be changed whenever there is feces or urine, in order to avoid the appearance of diaper dermatitis, caused by exposure to aggressive agents present in the feces and urine. Diaper dermatitis or diaper erythema consists of inflammation of the skin area covered by the diaper. It presents as a redness or erythema that affects the area of ​​the skin in contact with the diaper that comes in direct contact with the diaper.

There are a lot of diaper changes per day, and care needs to be redoubled, because, in addition to the baby's skin itself being already thin, fragile and delicate, this area is constantly exposed to substances that are aggressive to the delicate skin of the baby. baby that are present in feces and urine, causing skin maceration, with the consequent appearance of diaper dermatitis (diaper rash).

It is necessary to take some care, and choose the appropriate products to avoid these diaper dermatitis:

1. Care to be taken during diaper change:

  • Hygiene must be performed from top to bottom, from the cleanest area to the dirtiest, to prevent infections and contamination by substances present in the feces;
  • After cleaning, make sure that the area is clean and use a barrier cream to hydrate, repair and protect the skin against diaper rash, contamination and irritation;
  • When putting the diaper on, try not to over-tighten it, to ensure air circulation and baby comfort;
  • Proper hand hygiene should be done before and after changing the diaper to avoid contamination.
    Products to use:
  • Try to use a cotton pad or non-woven compress to clean the diaper area and a suitable hygiene product;
  • Wipes are not recommended, as they often contain alcohol that will further dehydrate the baby's skin and increase the permeability to contamination, or potentially irritating and allergic substances, as is the case with preservatives that are potentially allergenic;
  • Gentle products suitable for the baby's fragile and sensitive skin, with physiological pH and without irritating and aggressive substances for the skin should be used. Cleaning oils of vegetable origin are perfect for the daily routine, as they become comfortable to the touch and leave moisturizing and emollient substances.
    It is essential to pay attention to the cleaning oil you choose, opting for those of plant origin, which in this case are the most suitable for the hygiene of baby's sensitive skin. Mineral oils, which are not absorbed by the skin, cause occlusion, prevent cutaneous breathing, and increase the risk of irritation and allergies.

2. For hygiene and care of the baby's diaper area, preventing diaper rash, contamination and other irritations, Dermoteca selects 2 essential products:

  • In the daily hygiene of the diaper change, D'AVEIA Dermo-Oil Pediatric, a cleaning oil of plant origin, which due to its high emollient and moisturizing capacity, strengthens the skin's natural defenses, and, due to its composition rich in anti -oxidizing, promotes a soothing action and reduces irritation and redness.
  • After hygiene, use D'AVEIA Diaper Change, with 12% Zinc Oxide in its composition, promotes a barrier action that prevents contact of the baby's skin with aggressive substances present in the urine and feces and also has an action regenerating and healing. Due to its innovative composition, it contains Pre-Biotics that rebalance the microbiome, promoting the development of beneficial microorganisms and preventing the proliferation of aggressive external agents, present in feces and urine, restoring the physiological balance of the skin and preventing redness and irritation. It also has ingredients that will promote hydration, emollient action and the relief of signs and symptoms such as redness, irritation and burning
  • The continued use of these two products gives your baby's diaper area a hydrated, protected skin without irritation or redness, thus preventing the appearance of Diaper Dermatitis.
  • In the presence of diaper rashes, so-called diaper dermatitis, hygiene care will be different and D’AVEIA has a solution for this situation:

3. Dermatitis of the installed diaper

  • It is manifested by the presence of reddish stains and lesions - characteristics of bacterial infection: Hygiene should be done with D'AVEIA SEPT, a washing solution, with Chlorhexidine D-Gluconate in its composition, with antiseptic action. , prevents bacterial proliferation. It also promotes gentle and delicate hygiene, without causing sensitization or allergy, having an anti-irritating, calming and protective action.
  • It should be used in alternation with D’AVEIA Dermo-Oil Pediatric.

4. Diaper dermatitis with fungal over-infection

  • It is manifested by the presence of lesions with a whitish appearance, with small vesicles: Hygiene must be carried out with D'AVEIA PTM, a washing solution, which has active substances in its composition that will prevent the proliferation of fungi. Promotes gentle and delicate hygiene, with moisturizing, protective and anti-irritant action and prevents contamination.

Dr. Dermoteca

written by Dra. Maria Mariano, Pharmacist and Category Manager of Pediatric at Dermoteca

Reviewed by Dr. Cristina Varandas, Pharmacist, CEO & Founder of Dermoteca

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