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Atopic Dermatitis: What is it? How to treat?
Skin Health

01 April 2020

Atopic Dermatitis: What is it? How to treat?

Atopic Dermatitis: What is it? How to treat?

Atopic Dermatitis, also known as Atopic Eczema, is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that is very common in babies and children.

It appears around 3 months of age and is manifested by the presence of red, moist plaques on the skin, accompanied by intense and constant itching. The most affected areas are: face, extension areas of the limbs and the trunk

The evolution of this dermatological pathology occurs through outbreaks and can be complicated by the appearance of infections, decreasing in intensity as the baby grows.

Fortunately, 90% of cases disappear by the age of 10!

Several studies reveal that the cause of Atopic Dermatitis is the deficiency of an essential constituent that is part of the skin's hydrolipidic film, the AGE - Essential Fatty Acids.

D'AVEIA products improve the baby's quality of life, as well as minimize and / or prevent the occurrence of outbreaks, since they have a composition rich in AGE - Essential Fatty Acids.

During atopic outbreaks:

The skin dryness is extreme, accompanied by intense itching and peeling, which facilitates the infection and inflammation that is aggravated by “scratching".

Dr. Dermoteca advises:

In Hygiene, alternate D’AVEIA Dermo-Oil Pediatric, with soothing properties, emollients with D’AVEIA SEPT, which allows a gentle antiseptic hygiene, without causing sensitization or allergy. D'AVEIA Dermo-Oil Pediatric can be applied directly to the skin (without removing) exerting a greater emollient action.

This way it is possible to reduce itching and skin irritation and prevent infection!


Without symptoms (Outside outbreaks)

Outside the outbreaks, it is important to continue using D’AVEIA PS Pediatric in hygiene, D’AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturizer for the Body and D’AVEIA Pediatric Moisturizing Creamfor the face and hands.

Clinical studies prove that the use of adequate hygiene and hydration products, outside of outbreaks, contributes to the reduction or spacing of outbreaks

Dr. Dermoteca recommends 2 options for the gentle and delicate hygiene of your baby's skin:

D'AVEIA Pediatric Dermo-Oil, emollient and anti-irritant.

D’AVEIA PS Pediatric, soft and moisturizing cleansing emulsion.

During and outside outbreaks:

It is essential to keep the skin hydrated, in order to avoid dryness, itching and infection. You should use:

D’AVEIA Pediatric Moisturizing Cream (face and hands) and D’AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturizer (extensive areas) as they restore your baby’s skin balance and promote remission of outbreaks!

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