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  1. D'AVEIA

D'AVEIA Foot Cream

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100 ml

Specific feet care with 30% Urea. Hydrates and allows to eliminate the hyperkeratosis (callus) and lower skin thickness.


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D'AVEIA Foot Cream has a keratolytic and re-epithelialization effect.
The presence of Urea ate 30% and its keratolytic effect eliminates calluses (hyperkeratosis) and reduces skin thickness, making your feet smooth and soft. The incorporation of ingredients that contribute towards the elimination of dead cells (flaking).
Allantoin helps prevent the appearance of any cracks or fissures, due to its re-epithelialization effect.
Does not contain petroleum jelly.


For daily foot care. Indicated as a preventive agent for hyperkeratosis (non-pathological calluses); or as an adjunct to hyperkeratosis treatments. Warning: do not use on injured skin.

How to use

After showering, apply by gently massaging until completely absorbed.


Colloidal oatmeal, Rice, Corn, Urea at 30% concentration, Lactic acid, Allantoin.

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    D'AVEIA Foot Cream
    D'AVEIA Foot Cream
    D'AVEIA Foot Cream
    • D'AVEIA Foot Cream
    • D'AVEIA Foot Cream
    • D'AVEIA Foot Cream