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D'AVEIA Baby Bath & Hydration

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300 ml + 250 ml

The inseparable pair for hygiene and body care of the sensitive and delicate skin of babies and children.




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Baby&Child Travel Bag made up of essential care for cleaning and hydrating the sensitive and delicate skin of babies and children. Brings one D'AVEIA PS Pediatric 300ml and one D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser 250ml. And with the OFFER of a D'AVEIA Travel Bag, where you can take your baby D'AVEIA products everywhere.
D'AVEIA PS Pediatric:
Cleaning emulsion consisting of Colloidal Oats and Corn, with recognized moisturizing, emollient, protective, softening and calming properties.
Cleans through a physical mechanism, reinforcing the skin's defenses.
D'AVEIA PS Pediatric, cleansing emulsion, allows a gentle and delicate hygiene of sensitive and delicate skin, of the baby and child, cleaning without damaging, restoring the skins physiological pH and balance.
D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser: Pediatric Body Moisturiser with recognized moisturizing, emollient, antioxidant, calming and soothing properties.
It allows to reinforce the skins natural defenses and cutaneous physiological balance, promoting a soothing, soothing and regenerating action for dry, dehydrated and atopic skin.
The presence of Colloidal Oats, Corn, Antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 and 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid (extracted from Licorice) also allows to reduce irritation and itching (itching).
Specially formulated for the daily care of dry, dehydrated, sensitized and atopic skin, having a proven effectiveness with dermatological tests, with an increase of 71% in hydration, after only 30 minutes of its application.
Dermatological Tested.


D'AVEIA Pediatric PS: Cleaning emulsion for bathing children and babies.
Hygiene of dry, very dry, dehydrated and atopic skin.
D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser: Hydration of dry, dehydrated and atopic skin of babies and children.
Daily hydration for babies and children.
After sun exposure.

How to use

In order for your baby and child to have a protected, hydrated skin without irritation or redness, you should use these two products for body hygiene and hydration daily.
D'AVEIA PS Pediatric - Dry Skin Cleansing Emulsion - for the baby's and child bath.
After apply D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser, gently massaging the baby's and child's skin. The continued use of these products gives your baby a hydrated, protected skin without irritation or redness. D'AVEIA Pediatric PS: Shake before use. Apply as a regular shower gel and rinse.
D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser: Apply after bathing, gently massaging the baby's or child's skin. In situations of more severe dehydration and dryness, it can be applied several times a day.


D'AVEIA PS Pediatric: Colloidal Oats, Corn, Washing agents of vegetable origin D'AVEIA Pediatric Body Moisturiser: Colloidal Oats, Corn, Lipids and Vegetable Sterols, Linoleic and Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Ceramides II, Allantoin, 18-beta-Glycyrrhetinic Acid.

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    D'AVEIA Baby Bath & Hydration Pack
    • D'AVEIA Baby Bath & Hydration Pack