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Alkagin Intimate Gel

30 ml

Intimate plant-based gel suitable for situations of discomfort in the intimate area. With a strong refreshing, decongestant and protective action. pH 8


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Intimate gel with a strong refreshing, decongesting and protective action, due to its exclusive formula with a plant based complex: Calendula, mallow, lime and white lily extract.
Prevents and attenuates the irritation and discomfort in the external intimate area.
It has a slightly alkaline pH, that re-establishes the physiological pH of the external genital area, which id acid.
Gynecologically tested. Odourless.


Intimate gel to apply in the external intimate area, in situation of discomfort and irritation of the external genital area.
For an immediate refreshing, decongesting and anti-irritant sensation.

How to use

Apply in the external genital area, twice a day or whenever needed.
For a complete cosmetic treatment for the irritation and discomfort sesation relief in the external intimate area, it is recomendable to use with: Alkagin Intimate Solution, Alkagin Ovules and Alkagin Intimate Wipes


Calendula, Lime and Mallow

    Ref: 531293

    Alkagin Intimate Gel
    • Alkagin Intimate Gel